Hi my name is Victor.
This is my first page as part of the assignment on my ITE 105 course at Northern Virginia Community College. I will write a little about me, because I do not like to talk or write too much.
I am from Huancayo. Huancayo is a beautiful small city in the Mantaro valley on the highlands of Peru. I think everybody loves and likes his hometown. I came here to The United States Of America eight years ago. I spent almost all my time working and now in my little spare time I am trying to study something, because I always wanted to study. When I was young I was studying in my country, but some unexpected events changed the course of my life. Another reason to study is because now computers are anywhere, and I didn’t know nothing more about computers than a simple and rough navigation on the internet, and send and receive emails. I am planning to go back to my country on June eleven two thousand eleven, and I would like to use all that I could learn in this time on my personal projects.
I like to watch and play soccer. Also I like to see Formula 1 racing, but I really enjoy listening music. In my free time I like to fix or work in my car. About the games I like and would like to play them, but I think I do not have the skills and time to be a good gamer.


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