Sony is another large contender in the video game console industry.

Their list of consoles:

  • Playstation
  • Playstation 2
  • Playstaion 3

Sony completely dominated the fifth generation virtually unopposed, fighting with the N64 for the top spot. People liked Sony’s use of a disc vs. the N64’s use of a cartridge, despite the cartridges’ ability to load games faster.

Part of Sony’s success is by making future consoles backward compatible, allowing games from a PS1 and a PS2 to be played on the PS3. Seeing the success of Xbox Live, Playstation’s own online network, the Playstation Network, (PSN) has provided a comparable online competitor for Microsoft. The PSN is also free, unlike Xbox Live.

There is a Playstation 4 in the mix, and photos show that it has no slots on the outside. People speculate that it may have some sort of bluetooth or wireless capability with controllers; however, this has not been confirmed.


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