Hi. My name is Matt and this is my page. First off a little about me, then included is my part of my group’s disscusion for the webpage.

 I am 24 years old and I am a full time dad, husband, student, and employer at Ryder Logistics. Before all of this happened to me I was a young man from Barnesville GA. A small town with small expectations for it’s residents. When I was 18, it was work, go to school or get out. So, terrified of my young ways getting in the way of my education, I decided to work for a while before persuing my education. I thought long and hard about what to do, and finally decided that serving my country was the best thing to do while awaiting to mature enough for formal school. In September of 2004 I joined the United States Navy. Little did I know that I would meet a woman and marry her, later have a beautiful girl, and earn benefits for school. Now, five years later I am working as a location manager for Ryder Logistics and ging to school full time. Life sure is funny. Here are some pics of my life over the past five years.

Now for the real reason that you are even here. My group page is on the video game industry. My team mates have already chosen Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. I have chosen to rather talk about video games and how they do not influence violence in the youth of the world. Well, no more violence than does movies, music, and other various forms of media. The words written here aren’t based off research of anykind, so please feel free to comment that I am totally wrong, and that the violence in the world is at the fault of the video game industry.

My first point is that major campaign’s against video game violence influencing the youth weren’t really heard until the mid 90’s when the infamous Columbine shooting took place. Nevermind all the violent acts all over the world in third world countries, and the imporvershed areas where video game presence was and still is little to none. The most crimes and violence in this country and the rest of the world happen in the most poorest areas. It is clear to me that neglect, and lack of money and education lead to violence. And since you have to have money to buy, and least a little intelligence to play video games, it seems to me that they defintely are not the cause of so much violence. Our kids will watch movies, play games, have fights,watch porn, say bad words, and may even commit a crime. As long as parents teach right from wrong and pay attention to thier kids, then maximum prevention has been attained. They will still make mistakes and mess up, but as long as they were taught and educated properly, then the wieght of thier mistakes fall on them, and if not properly educated, then the parents or lack of is to blame. I think all of this will eventually fade out anyway, because here in the next 10 to 15 years it will be my generation in charge of the world and they will be people who have grown up with video games and who have spent hours plaing them. So next time you may think a video game is to blame for a violent act, ask yourself the other factors involved. Was the culprit poor, uneducated, and neglected by those who were supposed to be there????


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