A message from the members of Group 4…

20 11 2009


If you stumbled upon this modest site, we thank you for your visit and taking the time to browse. This site was created for the purposes of a group project in our ITE class at Northern Virginia Community College. We took great pleasure in this project and feel like a giant window was opened to us in terms of web-pageĀ development. We’ll now use the remainder of the space to briefly discuss the topic we chose that will be gone over in more detail in our power-point presentation. Please follow the links in the top bar to read about each member.

As a group, we all came to a consensus on a topic we find very interesting. That topic is the impact, success, and development of game consoles. We feel that game consoles have been a major part of the lives of the younger generations and as technology continues to improve, so does the world of gaming.

What each member will discuss:

Victor – Nintendo
Parviz – Sony
Anton – Microsoft

Matt – Early History of Video Games

We picked these three consoles because we feel they are the most prominent, despite the success of earlier consoles. We don’t disregard the contributions earlier consoles have made, in fact we shall touch on them, but it is our opinion that Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will be paving the way of console gaming for years to come.

Do not forget to check the “About Me” pages for cool information on each of our members!